About Sublime Aquarium Care

Have you ever wished that you could experience a living aquatic environment in your home or office? Has the idea quickly lost its luster because you felt like you did not know what to do? In today’s every busy and complicated world, not much is better than sitting down and gazing into your own personal aquarium oasis. Science has shown us that watching fish move about in an aquarium is relaxing and soothing (https://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/watching-fish-good-your-health/). Productivity in offices has been attributed to the addition of aquariums and fish because of the movement and the soft white noise of the moving water.

Sublime Aquarium Care has been relaxing people with aquariums, ponds and fountains for over thirty years! As all things start at the beginning, this one begins in Campbell California at a family owned and operated business called “Dolphin Pet Village.”  Dolphin Pet Village was the premier pet store in the South Bay Area. Boasting over 10,000 square feet of sales floor and having the largest and most diverse livestock inventory in Northern California, Dolphin was a local mecca. It is here that Tyler Albrecht began his lifelong passion of aquatics. Able to identify, catch and bag fish before he was out of diapers, Tyler had a knack for fish and aquariums. Through Grade School and on through High School, Tyler was working at the family business (Dolphin) and mentored by many experts in all aspects of the industry. Most importantly was his mother, Brenda who taught him not only how to be an empathetic aquarist but also one who always tried to do his best to assist the fish under their care to thrive.

The years of working at the store proved to be invaluable because each day brought a new set of challenges and issues that needed to be solved. Not only being able to identify individual species and their specific requirements but also the hundreds if not thousands of products that are and were used in the industry. Tyler quickly became the “go to guy” for troubleshooting issues with equipment, mystery fish ailments and husbandry.

In 2008 Dolphin Pet Village began offering maintenance with Tyler in the management and implementation of that new department. The store soon added many clients and had half a dozen employees out doing maintenance for customers all throughout the Bay Area.

Spring of 2013, Dolphin Pet Village unfortunately closed its doors after 47 years of operation. The closure was unfortunate, but the store lived on when “Fish Guy Service” was launched! Fish Guy Service was the maintenance division of Dolphin Pet Village and continued with the high level service and expertise that was expected from the retail store.

In July of 2018, Tyler and family relocated to the eastern Sacramento area. With a new base of operations, Fish Guy Service was now maintaining systems not only in the Bay Area but also in the greater Sacramento area. Traveling to the Bay Area for the first half of the week, Tyler and another extremely valuable team member named Chris were continuing to offer the same high caliber service that their clients had come to expect from Fish Guy Service.

Tyler has rebrand his business in the Sacramento area and created “Sublime Aquarium Care” and provide exceptional aquarium, pond and water feature service in the greater Sacramento area and beyond!

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